I hear nurses say, ‘I am just a nurse.’ Can you imagine that? The most important person in a hospital and we discount our value. Nurses are the cornerstone of  healthcare, and yet they don’t respect what they do.”
– Margaret McClure (Former chief nursing officer at NYU Medical Centre and pioneer researcher of Magnet Hospitals.)

A High-level Commission on ‘Health Employment and Economic Growth’ [i] stated that investments in the health workforce improves a countries’ economic position.

Investment will be crucial in the health workforce as it has been estimated that by 2030, without it, there will be a shortage of 40 million health workers.

The health workforce is vitally important to the health of a country.

Find out what is happening around the world regarding this issue for nurses.


[i] High-level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth, Working for Health and Growth: Investing in the Health Workforce. 2016, WHO: Geneva.