Developing Nursing Education in Malta

Case Study Submitted by: Jesmond Sharples, Malta Chief Nursing Officer
Country: Malta
I would like to say to all nurses in Malta to never give up in their pursuit towards professionalisation and knowledge enhancement, whilst retaining the patient/person and his/her family as the profession’s raison d’etre, the centre of all health and policy decisions. I would like to see nursing that is more educated, empowered and focused on the person, whether that is the client, a relative or a work colleague.   Nurses should be cautious about the dehumanising effects of an ever-increasing medical technology, informatics and paperwork. - Jesmond Sharples

Malta, like many other countries around the world, faces numerous challenges to provide quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable for all. To achieve this, Malta is seeking to empower its health workforce to attain their maximum potential.

The Nursing Services Directorate is developing a framework for Nursing and Midwifery Specialisation that will include legislation to regulate advanced nursing and midwifery practice. The aim is to enable an education and training pathway into advanced practice.

The education sector is key to improving the development of nursing in Malta. Numerous nursing degrees have been developed including those with a mental health, community care and geriatric nursing focus. The nursing profession has grown rapidly as a result of its education programmes, a framework for practice, family-friendly measures and other incentives. Nursing in Malta is being empowered to meet the challenges facing the health system and is one of the reasons why the healthcare system is rated as one of the best in the world.


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